Dachao Li

Dachao li, President 2020

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Jasmine Lu, President 2019

 Jasmine Lu has served as a board member for Tri-State Chinese American  Chemical Society (CACS) since 2013 and is a life-time member of the  CACS. She holds a BS degree in Chemistry from Peking University, a MS  from Southern Methodist University, and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from  Dartmouth College. She is currently the Senior Strategic Collaboration  Specialist at the Innovation Center of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments.  Prior to join Shimadzu, she worked in pharmaceutical and CRO/CMO  industries for over ten years. She joined American Chemical Society  (ACS) since 1995, and has also served as an Alternate-Councilor in ACS  North Jersey Chapter and in the Board of NJACS Mass Spectrometry  Discussion Group. 


Li Xu

Li xu, president 2018

 Li Xu has served as a board member for Tri-State Chinese American  Chemical Society (CACS) since 2014 and is a life-time member of the  Chinese American Chemical Society (CACS). He obtained his BS and MS  degrees in Chemistry from Nanjing University and Ph.D. degree in  Chemistry from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is currently Senior  Research Investigator in Research and Development at International  Flavors & Fragrances. He is also a member of American Chemical  Society (ACS) and American Physical Society (APS). 


Yabin Lei

yabin lei, president 2017

 Yabin Lei has served as a board member for Tri-State Chinese American  Chemical Society (CACS) since 2012 and is a life-time member of the  Chinese American Chemical Society (CACS). He obtained his BS degree in  Chemistry from Nankai University and Ph.D. in chemistry from Wayne State  University. He is currently the Research Director of Delivery Materials  and Technology at International Flavors & Fragrances and is  responsible for the research, development and commercialization of novel  delivery systems for fragrance and flavor applications. He is also a  member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and Controlled Release  Society (CRS) and has served both societies in various capacities. 



Yueqian “Mark” Zhen , president 2014

Dr. “Mark” Yueqian Zhen is a life-time member of the Chinese American Chemical Society (CACS), and a member of American Chemical Society (ACS). Mark first participated in CACS activity while postdoctoring at the University of Chicago and has been actively involved in Tri-State CACS activities since 2006.

Mark received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Shandong University and his Ph.D. from SUNY at Buffalo via a CGP exchange program.

Mark was a Lead R&D Manager at Dow Chemical Company and specialized in the formulation and delivery of a volatile plant growth regulator for agricultural application since 2006. Mark started his career as a Research Scientist in Procter and Gamble in its laundry division to formulate its next generation liquid Tide™ detergent. He developed 2-in-1 technologies that went into Liquid Tide with a Touch of Downy™. He then moved to P&G’s Corporate Engineering to work on a wide range of P&G’s cleaning products. In 2001, Mark joined IFF R&D as a Research Fellow to develop fragrance delivery technologies. Since 2000, he has been developing formulations containing volatile molecules as the key ingredient. Mark has over 20 granted patents and over a dozen scientific publications.

Mark can be reached at MarkYZhen@yahoo.com.



Wendy Zhong, president 2013

Wendy Zhong has served as a board member for Tri State Chinese American  Chemical Society (Tris CACS) since 2008. As the vendor show director of  Tris CACS, she successfully organized two vendor show program during  annual symposium for the past two years. Wendy received her BS degree in  Chemistry from Peking University in Beijing, China and her Ph.D. in  Analytical Chemistry from University of Delaware and Virginia  Commonwealth University. Currently, she is a principal scientist, in  Global Process Chemistry at Merck Research Laboratory in Summit, NJ. She  is responsible for two mass spectrometry labs (Rahway and Summit),  supporting structure elucidation of impurities and degradation products  in the active pharmaceutical ingredient and drug product in late stage  pipeline. Prior to join Merck/Schering-Plough, she is a principal  scientist in Wyeth, where she held many positions, including project  team leaders and led the advancement of cardiovascular, infectious  disease, and oncology projects from discovery phase into development  track. Wendy has authored many technical publications and invited  lectures in national and international conferences and universities. She  also chaired sessions in several symposiums. 


Yabin Lei

Fanwen Zeng , president 2012

Fanwen Zeng has served as a board member for Tri-State Chinese American  Chemical Society (CACS) since 2007 and is the president-elect in 2011.  He obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Illinois,  Urbana-Champaign and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of  California, Berkeley. Since 1999, he has worked for The Dow Chemical  Company (formerly, Rohm and Haas Company) as a material chemist in  Spring House, Pennsylvania. He has led commercializing a variety of  products to serve markets including Plastics Additives, Coatings,  Consumer care and Microbial Control. He has been a member of American  Chemical Society (ACS), Society of Cosmetic Chemist (SCC), Controlled  Release Society (CRS). He also serves as a committee member of CRS’s  Consumer and Diversified Products Division. He is also serving as a  co-chair of Asia Diversity Network (ADN) of the Dow Chemical Company. 



Fangbiao Li, president 2011

Fangbiao Li has served as a board member for Tri State Chinese American  Chemical Society (Tris CACS) since 2007. As the vendor show director of  Tris CACS, he successfully started vendor show program during annual  symposium for the past three years. His academic experience includes a  PhD degree in Chemistry from UCLA and postdoctoral research in Chemistry  at Princeton University. Currently he works as a Section Leader in DMPK  department of Merck Research Laboratory. He leads a team of scientists  to provide PK support for drug discovery projects. He is actively  involved in scientific communities and he is also serving on the board  of NJACS Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group. 



Duxi Zhang, president 2010

Duxi Zhang has been involved in Tri-state CACS planning activities since  2006 and was elected president in 2009. He holds a PhD degree in  Analytical Chemistry from Purdue University and a MS degree in organic  analysis from Shandong University. He works as a Senior Research  Investigator in the Bioanalytical Sciences department within  Bristol‑Myers Squibb R&D in its Princeton research facility. During  his time in BMS, he led the bioanalysis support for NDA approval of  entecavir (BaracludeÔ), a novel treatment for hepatitis B. He currently  leads a team of scientists supporting BMS development projects in  infectious disease, oncology, cardiovascular and neuroscience areas. He  is a member of ACS, ASMS, and AAPS and a regular reviewer of Journal of  Chromatography B. Outside his work, he is actively involved in local  scientific communities. He served on the board of NJACS Mass  Spectrometry Discussion Group from 2003 to 2007 and was the Chair for  2007. In his spare time, he also coaches kids soccer and enjoys playing  volleyball.