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Chinese American Chemical Society (CACS)

Founded in 1981, the Chinese American Chemical Society (CACS) is a  nonprofit, professional organization with no political and regional  affiliation. Membership is open to professionals and students in  chemistry, chemical engineering, and related fields, and to individuals  and corporations supporting the objectives of CACS. Currently, CACS has five regional chapters in North America. 

The objectives of the CACS are as follows:

  •  To promote fellowship among Chinese American chemists, chemical engineers, and those working in related fields.
  • To enhance communication and interactions among our members.
  • To provide a forum for discussions of issues that are of interest and concern to our members.
  • To create opportunities for our members to share professional experiences and to participate in joint research and business ventures.
  • To provide a network for professional and career development.
  • To provide career guidance and counseling for the younger people, particularly those interested in scientific and engineering careers.
  • To encourage and recognize achievement in chemistry and chemical engineering, community services, and other chemistry-related ventures.
  • To facilitate interactions between CACS and other scientific and professional organizations and communities.

Tri-state CACS

Tri-State originally included New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Recently it refers to New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Members of Tri-State CACS are actually from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

The Tri-State area has the largest population of Chinese American chemists, biochemists, and chemical engineers and is the hot bed of pharmaceutical and chemical research and industry.

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