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Chinese American Chemical Society Mentor Program

What: A program to pair experienced chemists with young chemists beginning their careers to provide guidance and support in career development issues

Who: Experienced Chemists (>8 yrs work experience)
Young Chemists (<5 yrs work experience)

When: Program to be Launched in June 2004 at the CACS Symposium

The objective of the mentor program is to assist young Chinese-Americans beginning careers in chemistry and related fields. This is done by pairing up each of the younger chemists with a more experienced chemist who can provide guidance and support in career development issues. Issues may include possible career paths, interactions with management, additional training needs, working with colleagues, integrating into an American workforce, understanding expectations, ways to improve effectiveness, and proper etiquette in the workplace. Although mentors and mentees may have specialized in specific technical, managerial, or business areas, the focus of this program is not to provide technical support and participants will be welcomed from a broad range of backgrounds.

To initiate the program, volunteers willing to be mentors are requested to fill out the attached form providing basic information about themselves. Those interested in being mentees are asked to fill out a similar form also attached. Applications are requested by June 30, 2004. During this initial launch of the mentor program, the target is to create 15 pairs of mentor/mentees.

CACS Board members will match mentees with suitable mentors. Factors to be considered during the matching include field of specialization, employer, location, educational background, long-term goals, and relative interests and experience. Mentors/mentees will be notified whether a match was found for them during August and September.

Once matched, it is expected that the mentor will contact the mentee to arrange for a meeting in person at a mutually convenient time/place. Subsequence interactions can be by e-mail, phone, or in person depending on the preferences of each pair and can be initiated by either party. Follow-up from CACS board members with the mentor/mentee pairs will be used to gauge program effectiveness.

For additional information on this program, please contact:

Lisa Yeh:(
ExxonMobil Research & Engineering
Yongkui Sun:(

Application Forms can be downloaded from below:
Application Form for Mentors


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