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2011 Annual Symposium

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2011 Tri-State CACS Annual Symposium Program

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Power of Chemistry and Collaboration in the Evolving World

Co-sponsored by
The Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University

8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busch Campus Center
Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ
604 Bartholomew Rd
Piscataway, NJ 08854


Welcome to the 2011 Tri-State CACS Annual Symposium!

On behalf of the Tri-State CACS board, we would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors and volunteers for their support and contributions to this symposium and to our organization.

Designated by the United Nations, 2011 is The International Year of Chemistry (IYC). Under the unifying theme “Chemistry - our life, our future”, contributions of chemistry to the humankind are celebrated around the world. Chemistry is essential for sustainable growth of the economy and improvements to the quality of life. Chemistry is a key in providing medicine, energy, clean water, and foods to the world population. Chemistry will be central to meeting most vexing global challenges in social and economic developments.

Meanwhile, the world has been witnessing fast economic development in Asia, particularly in China and India. The American chemical and pharmaceutical industries as a whole and the Chinese-American chemical professionals in particular, are presented with unprecedented challenges and opportunities in this rapidly changing environment. One of the major missions for CACS is to promote dialogue and collaboration in chemical and pharmaceutical R&D organizations between the US and China. This year’s theme - “Power of Chemistry and Collaboration in the Evolving World”- builds upon previous years’ theme and reflects some of the current industry trends.

This symposium will discuss the role of chemistry and chemists in this world of constant changes and global collaborations. We are extremely excited to have a group of high-caliber R&D and business leaders from ACS, chemical, pharmaceutical, and energy industries, university, and government agency to share their visions and thoughts about the future growth drivers as well as their leadership experience. The presentations will be accompanied by a vendor exhibition and plenty of opportunities for networking. For the first time, multiple companies will post job openings and collect resumes at this symposium. In addition, a career consultant from ACS will provide career consultancy on site.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of CACS. Since founded in 1981, CACS has continued to promote cohesion among Chinese-American chemical professionals, and to address their common interests and concerns. In addition to holding an annual symposium, Tri-State CACS presents annual Young Chemist Awards to help cultivate interests in chemical sciences among high school students. We will also continue our mentoring program to help junior colleagues gain a quick footing in their career.

Thank you for joining us to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry 2011 and the 30th Anniversary of CACS.

Fangbiao Li, PhD
Fanwen Zeng, PhD
Duxi Zhang, PhD
Immediate Past-President

Program Schedule

8:30 Registration / Breakfast & Coffee

Morning Session
Chemistry - Our Life, Our Future

(Session Chairs: Zhigang Jack Li & Min Liu)

9:00 Opening Remarks Fangbiao Li, Ph.D., President, Tri-State CACS
Longqin Hu, Ph.D., President, CACS

9:10 Nancy B Jackson, Ph.D., ACS President, Sandia National Laboratories
        “The International Year of Chemistry”

9:45 Eunice Heath, Global General Manager, Home and Personal Care, The Dow Chemical Company
        “Sustainability through the Wonders of Chemistry”

10:20 Christopher J. Molloy, Ph.D., R.Ph., Dean, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey
        “Current Challenges in Drug Discovery & Development: The Evolving Pharmaceutical Industry”

10:55 Coffee Break and networking

11:20 Jennifer Feeley, Ph.D., Director, Chemical Sciences Laboratory, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company,
        “The Energy Challenge: Providing Sustainable Supplies to Meet Growing Demand"

11:55 Michele Siekerka, Assistant Commissioner of the State of New Jersey,
        “Green Energy and Economic Development in the State of New Jersey”

12:30 Lunch

Afternoon Session
Opportunities and Challenges in Emerging Markets

(Session Chairs:Zhen and Chunchun Zhang)

1:40 Kailin Guan, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Qilu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Shangdong Province, China
        “The Pharmaceutical R&D in China, A Glance through Qilu Pharmaceutical Co.”

2:15 Jianwen Mao, Ph.D., Vice President, New Technology and Innovation, Avon Products, Inc.
        “Challenges and Opportunities with R&D Operations in Emerging Economies – Personal experience and reflections”

2:50 Vendor Show, Refreshments (Ice Cream) and Prize Drawing

3:20 James Calkins, Associate Vice President and Principal Patent Counsel, sanofi-aventis<
        "Pharmaceuticals in Emerging Markets: Risks and Opportunities "

3:55Closing Remarks, Fanwen Zeng, Ph.D., President-Elect, Tri-State CACS
Prize Drawing


Vendor Show (all day event)
9:00AM – 4:00PM

(Session Chairs: Wendy Zhong, Jian Wang )

*Dow Chemical
*Bruker Daltonics
*Primera Analytical Solutions Corp
*Cerno BioScience
*Luknova Inc
*Wuxi Howfond Biopharma Co., Ltd.

Job Fair and Consultation
9:00AM – 4:00PM

Job fair will connect job seekers with companies in US and China, such as The Dow Chemical Company, Chempartner and etc. Please bring your resume with you or inquire about job opportunities at the symposium.

Mr. Bill Suites, ACS career consultant, will provide free consultation about how to get a job, keep a job and build a successful career.

Abstracts & Speaker Biosketches

Morning Session
Chemistry - Our Life, Our Future

Nancy B. Jackson, Ph.D., ACS President, Sandia National Laboratories
“The International Year of Chemistry”

The celebration of the International Year of Chemistry is taking place in many ways and ACS’s IYC activities and opportunities will be discussed. In addition, the growing globalization of chemistry and science in general will be discussed along with the opportunities and challenges that bring to the chemical enterprise.

Nancy B. Jackson is manager of the International Chemical Threat Reduction Department in the Global Security Center at Sandia National Laboratories which assists the U.S. Department of State and other federal agencies in solving problems related to international chemical security. With the U.S. Department of State, Dr. Jackson has developed the Chemical Security Engagement Program (CSP) an international program to raise awareness of chemical safety and security among chemical professionals and to enable the practice of safety and security in the research, teaching, and commerce of chemicals. CSP has worked with universities and small/medium chemical companies in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Her group is responsible for encouraging the safe and secure practice of chemicals in an effort to prevent their misuse as weapons, poisons, explosives or environmental pollutants. This includes providing training in laboratory safety, process safety, and physical security.

Previously, Dr. Jackson was deputy director of Sandia’s International Security Program where she assisted the director in fulfilling its mission to create technology-based solutions through international cooperation to reduce the threat of weapons of mass destruction proliferation and terrorism. During the past four years, Dr. Jackson was responsible for leading the Laboratory Directed Research and Development program for Global Security which requires identifying and overseeing the research program in support of Global Security. Prior to her positions in Global Security, Dr. Jackson was involved in research and development at Sandia, as a principal investigator and a manager. Primarily her research was in heterogeneous catalysis with an emphasis 4 Website: Email: on energy applications. Later work involved chemical imaging with a wide variety of applications from biological systems to homeland defense problems.

Dr. Jackson is a National Affiliate of the National Academies where she has served on several boards and chaired studies. Dr. Jackson is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and was recipient of the 2005 American Indian Science and Engineering Society Professional of the Year Award. Dr. Jackson is a Research Associate Professor at the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department of the University of New Mexico. Dr. Jackson has a B.S. degree in chemistry from George Washington University from which she won a Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award in 2005 and has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

In 2009, she was elected to the Presidential succession of the American Chemical Society. She will serve as President-Elect for 2010, President for 2011, and Immediate Past President for 2012.

Eunice Heath, Global General Manager, Dow Home & Personal Care, The Dow Chemical Company
“Sustainability through the Wonders of Chemistry”

The potential of sustainable chemistry to reframe our future is no longer a dream, rather, a necessity. There has never been a more challenging – or exciting – time in human history to be involved in the chemical industry. The world needs us, and the wonders of chemistry. As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, so does the urgency for sustainability. How can we keep pace with change when resources are limited? This is the nexus where chemistry shines to provide answers to seemingly impossible problems.

At Dow we are committed to solving the impossible problems every day. Our support of the International Year of Chemistry underscores our belief that chemistry is the solution to our global challenges. Learn how Dow is making a difference in the lives of consumers every day.

Eunice Heath is the Global General Manager for the Dow Home and Personal Care business unit in Dow Advanced Materials. In this role, Eunice has full profit and loss for this business unit which combines the household and personal care businesses from heritage Dow and heritage Rohm & Haas.

During her 20 year career at Dow, Eunice has demonstrated the ability to integrate and lead complex, newly developed organizations. Based in Switzerland, Eunice served as the integration 5 Website: Email: leader for Dow’s acquisition of Wolff Walsrode AG and in July 2007, she assumed the role of Marketing and Sales Director for the Dow Wolff Cellulosics business unit. In the role, Eunice was responsible for $1.2 Billion in revenue, driving accelerated and profitable revenue growth via market-based strategies by organic growth and targeted acquisition strategies across the following markets: construction, pharmaceutical, personal care, food & nutrition, automotive, electronics, and lighting.

Eunice joined Dow in 1991 in the Commercial Development Program and held various sales, marketing, market research, and supply chain responsibilities early in her career. She was appointed to the position of Global Business Director and has travelled extensively around the world in various global roles to drive growth for Dow in industries for example: lighting, pharmaceutical, electronics, construction, personal care, household, and paint & coatings.

Eunice received a Master’s of Business Administration at the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Florida. She is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt and a 2007 Black Engineer of the Year Award recipient in the category of Technical Sales and Marketing. Eunice has a strong passion for the development and advancement of people which is represented by her leadership on the corporate Diversity & Inclusion Council and executive liaison for the African American Network for The Dow Chemical Company. Outside of Dow she is a Girl Scouts of America volunteer and a Youth Christian Education leader. Eunice and her husband, Christian, have three children (Myles, Bronson and Blake) and relocated in 2009 to Philadelphia from Switzerland.

Christopher J. Molloy, Ph.D, R.Ph., Dean, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
“Current Challenges in Drug Discovery & Development: The Evolving Pharmaceutical Industry”

Over the past 60 years, the global pharmaceutical industry has made immense contributions to the health of western societies through the development of innovative therapeutic products targeting a variety of important human diseases. This success has led to the dynamic growth of the industry leading to ever increasing investments in research and development infrastructure and clinical trials. In recent years, however, despite sustained levels of R&D spending, the rate of discovery and approval of new drugs has slowed significantly, and the sustainability of the current industry model has been questioned. Despite the revolution in the understanding of diseases at the molecular level, the attrition rate for products in clinical development remains high, and a culture of risk-aversion threatens innovation in some companies.

There is an increasing need for pharmaceutical industry to develop new avenues for drug discovery, including in-licensing, clinical development out-sourcing, and strategic collaborations with academia and biotechnology start-up companies. New government and regulatory initiatives need also be considered for the industry to remain successful.

Christopher J. Molloy obtained his B.S. degree in Pharmacy at Rutgers College of Pharmacy in 1977 and his Ph.D. in Toxicology from Rutgers and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) in 1987. Dr. Molloy was a postdoctoral fellow in the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology at the National Cancer Institute, NIH from 1986 to 1990. He is a licensed pharmacist in NJ since 1977 and has been an adjunct faculty member of UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School since 1992.

Prior to his current position, Dr. Molloy was employed at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC where he was Senior Research Fellow/Team Leader in the East Coast Research and Early Development unit (2003-2007). He has contributed to and/or led multiple multidisciplinary drug discovery teams that have advanced new chemical entities into human clinical trials in therapeutic areas such as inflammation, oncology, and cardiovascular disease. His experience also includes positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute (1990-1998) and the structure-based drug design biotechnology company 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, Inc (1998-2003).

Dr. Molloy is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Association for Cancer Research, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, the American Pharmacists Association, the American Association of Health Systems Pharmacists, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the New York Academy of Sciences and the editorial board of the journal Pulmonary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

Dr. Jennifer S. Feeley, Chemical Sciences Lab Director, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company
“The Energy Challenge: Providing Sustainable Supplies to Meet Growing Demand"

As economies grow and living standards improve, the world faces a dual energy challenge: meeting the growing demand for energy while mitigating emissions and their impact on the environment. ExxonMobil believes that addressing this dual challenge requires an integrated set of solutions which includes increasing the supply of all commercially viable energy sources, reducing emissions, and improving energy efficiency in all sectors of the economy. Technology will be a key enabler of continued progress in all of these areas.

Many experts agree that the immense scale of global energy demand necessitates a continuing role for oil and gas as a substantial portion of the energy supply mix for at least the next several decades. These experts also forecast that the overall energy mix will shift toward a relatively higher level of sustainability through a combination of increased efficiency across the economy, growth in lowercarbon sources of energy, and development and deployment of technologies that help mitigate emissions.

ExxonMobil has developed a number of technologies that contribute to increased supplies of energy, reduced emissions, and higher efficiency in its operations and in consumer use of its products. The presentation will provide an overview of ongoing research and development activity in a broad range of technology areas including algae-based biofuels. It will also highlight some of company's current technologies including lithium-ion battery separator films, lightweight plastics that improve automotive efficiency, and processes that could advance carbon capture and storage.

Jennifer Feeley received her B.A. degree in Chemistry from DePauw University in 1987 and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Northwestern University in 1991. After working five years for Engelhard Corporation on a number of environmental catalyst programs, Jennifer joined Exxon’s Research and Development Lab in Baton Rouge LA in 1996 where she worked in various program leader roles on the Gas-to-Liquids program. In 2000, Jennifer was assigned as Section Head of the Active Materials group at Corporate Strategic Research (CSR) in Clinton NJ. In 2004, she became the planner responsible for ExxonMobil’s Downstream research program, returning to CSR in 2006 as the Downstream Portfolio Manager. In 2007, Jennifer transferred to Refining and 8 Website: Email: Supply in Fairfax VA as the U.S. Greenhouse Gas Issue Manager. She served in this role until July of 2010 when she returned to CSR as the Director of the Chemical Sciences Laboratory.

Michele Siekerka, Assistant Commissioner for Economic Growth and Green Energy, Department of Environmental Protection, State of New Jersey
“Green Energy and Economic Development in the State of New Jersey”

A strong economy is built upon a healthy environment. The Office of Economic Growth and Green Energy (EGGE) was created to provide a proactive team to assist in creating pathways to support sustainable economic growth and innovation.
EGGE exists to provide proactive outreach, foster innovation and deliver resources which enable stakeholders to balance environmental stewardship, economic growth and social equity in order to grow New Jersey’s economy in a sustainable manner.

Prior to joining the Department of Environmental Protection as its first Assistant Commissioner for Economic Growth and Green Energy, an office newly established by DEP Commissioner Bob Martin, Michele N. Siekerka, Esq. was president and CEO of the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce. Commissioner Martin’s vision statement for the Department recognizes that a healthy environment and healthy economy go hand in hand. Siekerka’s experience with New Jersey’s business community coupled with her legal background provide the foundation for understanding the economic impact of regulatory processes, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Siekerka’s new role is designed to work with all stakeholders—environmental advocacy organizations, large and small businesses and industry, local governments, and residents—to identify and create opportunities for economic growth while maintaining the highest standards of protection for the environment. She is the DEP’s point person to help New Jersey tap the full potential of renewable energy by coordinating efforts with other state agencies and working to help businesses develop more opportunities for wind and solar power.

The Robbinsville resident was with the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce for over six years. Siekerka recently completed a year-long Ford Foundation Fellowship for Regional Sustainable Development, working with Chamber of Commerce and business leaders from across the nation to develop regional action plans. She also served on Governor Chris Christie’s Red Tape Review Group.

Prior to the Chamber of Commerce, Siekerka worked with the Automobile Association of America as a senior legal consultant and vice president of human resources; prior to that, she was a partner in a Mercer County law practice.

Siekerka earned a BA in Political Science and German from Rutgers University and a JD from Temple University School of Law.

Afternoon Session
Opportunities and Challenges in Emerging Markets

Kailin Guan, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Qilu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Shangdong Province, China
“The Pharmaceutical R&D in China, A Glance through Qilu Pharmaceutical Co.”

After years of economic development, the major Chinese industries are realigning their resources from production to innovation, from copying to designing, from “Made in China’ to “Created in China”. Much so is the pharmaceutical industry; R&D is picking up its speed and strength as many companies consider the innovation a key element for strategic and longterm growth. This changing trend is to be touched up on through the presentation, by glancing at Qilu Pharmaceutical Co.’s past, now and potentials.

As SVP of The Institute of Pharmaceutical R&D, Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Dr. Kailin Guan is responsible for analytical R&D, and external collaboration. He received his BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Beijing University, his PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Northeastern University in Boston, and his MBA from Rutgers University. After working with Roche Pharmaceuticals in Nutley and J & J Pharmaceutical R&D in Raritan for 16 years, he joined Shanghai ChemPartner in 2008, a contract research organization in Shanghai, China, as VP of Pharmaceutical Development, responsible for analytical R&D and formulation development. He joined Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., a privately owned, Chinese pharmaceutical company early this year.

Dr. Jianwen Mao, Vice President, New Technology & Innovation Avon Products Inc
“Challenges and Opportunities with R&D Operations in Emerging Economies – Personal experience and reflections”

Emerging economies are viewed as major growth engine for many multinational companies, and many argued that having efficient R&D operation in the emerging economies are imperative to gain access to improved local customer (consumer) insights, large & vibrant talent pool, as well as proximity to the localized manufacturing and marketing operations, among many other reasons.

Undoubtedly there are also many challenges which must be addressed effectively before such R&D operations become a true asset for improved competitiveness. A realistic and well thought through strategy, readily available supporting functions, effective management and a well groomed talent pool are all essential to see a healthy return on the investment and a sustainable operation.

The speaker intends to share his own experiences and observations on those subjects, and also personal reflection on various facets of working life in an international environment.

Jianwen Mao recently joined Avon as its Vice President of New Technology and Innovation at the Company’s Global R&D Headquarter in Suffern, New York.

Prior to joining Avon, Jianwen worked with Ciba Specialty Chemicals for 16 years on various positions in R&D as well as strategic business development with increasing responsibilities at the company’s locations in Germany, USA and then China. He was Vice President of R&D for the Home & Personal Care Business in NAFTA, and General Manager of Ciba’s R&D Center in Shanghai. Following the acquisition of Ciba by BASF in 2008, he became the Head of BASF’s Care Chemicals Business in Greater China region.

Jianwen received his BSc degree from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1984, and PhD with the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland in 1994. He is member of the American Chemical Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

James Calkins, Associate Vice President and Principal Patent Counsel, Sanofi-aventis "Pharmaceuticals in Emerging Markets: Risks and Opportunities "

Emerging markets (e.g., BRIC) are becoming key growth drivers for multinational pharmaceutical companies. Each company's approach to a particular emerging market should be based on applying the company's business strategy in the context of the market specifics (the pharmaceutical regulatory system, how medical care is provided and reimbursed, the patent system, etc.). Developing the approach for each market is creating a new demand for chemical professionals who understand the technology and the specific market.

James Calkins is an Associate Vice President, Principal Patent Counsel, and Global Head for Regional Patent Support in Sanofi's patent department. Jim leads a group of patent attorneys who obtain and enforce patents, and otherwise support business development activities, in emerging markets. Mr. Calkins has experience in IP litigation and transactional law, a blend of law firm and in-house experience, and is a former law clerk of Circuit Judge Giles Rich at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Jim worked as a registered professional engineer in chemical engineering for almost 15 years, mostly in chemical plant design and construction. He has a bachelors degree in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan, and juris doctor and LLM (intellectual property) degrees from the University of New Hampshire school of law.

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At the 4-way stop, continue straight on Bartholomew Road , crossing Brett Rd.

At the top of the hill, turn right into a large parking lot (lot #51), across the street from the Busch Campus Center

Enter the front of the Busch Campus Center . You can pick up your name tag at the registration tables straight ahead if you registered online; otherwise, proceed to On-Site Registration.

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