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2004 Beijing International Pharmaceutical R&D Forum

The 1st Beijing International Pharma R&D Forum

July 3rd-5th 2004

July is hot in Beijing, and the pharmaceutical industry is hot in China. According to AIG news, China is already the tenth-largest drug market in the world, and Economist Intelligence Unit analysts expect it to become the largest by 2050. Healthcare spending in China rose from US$45.8bn in 1998 to an estimated US$68.8bn in 2003 -- up an aggregate 50% in five years. Still, there remains much room for growth.

The 2004 Beijing Pharmaceutical R&D International Forum was held in Beijing from July 3rd-5th and was a tremendous success. High level managers from worldwide pharmaceutical companies such as Schering-Plough, GSK, Aventis, Merck, Eli Lilly, Wyeth, Roche, and others presented in the forum and discussed new developments in R&D. Top Chinese officials from the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) spoke about drug registration and intellectual property protection in China. Other business leaders from Chinese pharmaceuticals and chemical service companies gave presentations on outsourcing and collaboration in drug research. All in all, the forum attracted more than 200 attendees. Li Ge and Chen Li, two outstanding Chinese chemists who worked in the tri-state area and now work in China, showed their leadership in outsourcing and research. Dr. Li Ge is the founder, Chairman and CEO of WuXi Pharmatech. Co. Ltd, which offers global pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical companies diverse outsourcing services in combinatorial, medicinal and synthetic chemistry.Dr. Chen Li is the Chief Science Officer of Roche R&D Center in China. As Roche’s fifth R&D Center worldwide, its major focus will be on research and discovery.

Senior ACS member, former president of Tri-CACS, and current President of Synergestica (NJ), Michael Su joined the forum to talk about his own outsourcing experiences and gave advice on outsourcing.

The forum was organized jointly by the Tri-CSCA (US) and the China Center for Pharmaceutical International Exchange (CCPIE) (China). Our Drs. Wang Yuguang, Qiang Kuangnan, Duh How-Yunn, and Mrs. Wang Haiping and Mrs. Wang Xuhong from Tri-CACS made great contributions to this event (Sunny Wang reported from Beijing, China).

Conferences Main
2nd Forum 2007   1st Forum 2004
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